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Bye Bye Birdie (Columbia 1963, Janet Leigh, Ann-Margret)



Bye Bye Birdie is a playful Elvis spoof based on Michael Stewart’s musical about one last kiss between a teen idol named Conrad Birdie, who is headed for the Army, and a fan chosen at random. A cast loaded with talent makes this a wonderful excursion into the time when rock ‘n’ roll hit small-town America.

Ann-Margret has understated sex appeal as the fan; Dick Van Dyke is humorously desperate as a songwriter trying to get Birdie to cover one of his tunes; and Paul Lynde is joyfully over-the-top as the uncomprehending parent faced with rock ‘n’ roll mania.

Bye Bye Birdie performers Dick Van Dyke and Paul Lynde reprise their popular roles from the original 1960 Broadway production by Charles Strouse & Lee Adams.

Oscar nominations for Best Adapted Score and Sound. Leigh, Stapleton, and Sullivan turn in fine performances.’

production details
USA | Columbia | 112 minutes | 1963
Director: George Sidney
Script: Irving Brecher, Michael Stewart,

Lee Aaker as Student leader
Janet Leigh as Rosie DeLeon
Frank Albertson as Mayor
Ann-Margret as Kim McAfee
Paul Lynde as Harry McAfee
Robert Paige as Bob Precht
Dick Van Dyke as Albert F. Peterson
Maureen Stapleton as Mama Mae Peterson
Bobby Rydell as Hugo Peabody
Jesse Pearson as Conrad Birdie
Mary LaRoche as Doris McAfee
Michael Evans as Claude Paisley
Gregory Morton as Maestro Borov
Ed Sullivan as Himself
Trudi Ames as Ursula
Bryan Russell as Randolph McAfee
Milton Frome as Mr. Maude
Frank Sully as Bartender
Michael Smith as Teenager