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Caprice (TCF 1967, Doris Day, Richard Harris)



In Caprice Doris Day and Richard Harris star as rival industrial spies in the heady world of the cosmetics industry, but beneath the froth and the fun lies a darker secret that both of them are pursuing. Frank Tashlin’s comedy/romance sees Day at her ditzy best, leading Harris on and enjoying a nice line in double entendres, while Harris shows a remarkable ability for the light touch the film requires.

production details
USA | Twentieth Century Fox | 92 minutes | 1967

Writers: Jay Jayson, Frank Tashlin
Director: Frank Tashlin
Director of Photography: Leon Shamroy (who also appears)
Composer: Frank de Vol

Doris Day as Patricia Foster
Richard Harris as Christopher White
Ray Walston as Stuart Clancy
Jack Kruschen as Matthew Cutter
Edward Mulhare as Sir Jason Fox
Lilia Skala as Madame Piasco
Irene Tsu as Su Ling
Michael Romanoff as Butler
Michael J. Pollard as Barney
Lisa Seagram as Mandy
Larry D. Mann as Inspector Kapinsky
Maurice Marsac as Auber