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Carry On Spying (1964, Bernard Cribbins, Barbara Windsor)



When the dastardly organisation STENCH (Society for the Total Extinction of Non-Conforming Humans) steals a top secret chemical formula, it’s clear the British secret service must do something – and quick. Unfortunately, their sole available resource is Agent Desmond Simpkins (Kenneth Williams) and his bumbling trainees Crump (Bernard Cribbins), Bind (Charles Hawtrey) and Honeybutt (Barbara Windsor, making her Carry On debut).

Nevertheless, the country’s finest (available) are soon in hot pursuit of the terrorists, on a trail that will take them as far afield as Austria and Algeria. The only thing that stands between them and success is their incompetence. Gerald Thomas’s spy spoof also stars Jim Dale and Eric Barker.

production details
UK | Anglo Amalgamated | 87 minutes | 1964

Writer: Talbot Rothwell
Director: Gerald Thomas

Jim Dale as Carstairs
Charles Hawtrey as Charlie Bind
Kenneth Williams as Desmond Simkins
Renée Houston as Madame
Victor Maddern as Milchmann
Bernard Cribbins as Harold Crump
Richard Wattis as Cobley
Eric Barker as The Chief
Barbara Windsor as Daphne Honeybutt
Jack Taylor as Thug
Dilys Laye as Lila
Judith Furse as Doctor Crow
John Bluthal as Head Waiter
Eric Pohlmann as The Fat Man