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Center of the Web (1992, Ted Prior, Bo Hopkins)



In this complex political thriller, an ordinary guy, John Phillips (Ted Prior), is mistaken for a hit man and subsequently finds himself trapped in a web of kidnapping, government plots and double-crosses. As Phillips tries to untangle the threads of the conspiracy, he discovers that it involves his girlfriend, prosecuting attorney Kathryn (Charlene Tilton), whose life has been shadowed by the apparent suicide, years before, of her father, a scandal-ridden politician. The young couple turns for help to an old family friend (Tony Curtis) with ties to the intelligence community, but despite his efforts, Phillips is soon on the run, accused of a political assassination attempt.

Bo Hopkins, who plays an aggressive D.A. in Center of the Web, is a cult fave actor who has appeared in such classic films as The Wild Bunch (1969) and American Graffiti (1973).

production details
USA | Action International Pictures | 87 minutes | 1992

Director: David A. Prior
Producer: Ruta K. Aras
Editor: Tony Malanowski
Music: Greg Turner
Script: David A. Prior
Production Design: Linda Lewis

Charles Napier as Agent Williams
Robert Davi as Richard Morgan
Tony Curtis as Stephen Moore
Bo Hopkins as Frank Allesendro
Charlene Tilton as Kathryn Lockwood
Ted Prior as John Phillips
William Zipp as Tony
Heather Medway as Sidney
Graham Timbes as Joe
Jennifer Massey as Maggie
Sean Holton as Actor #1
David Scott as Bellman