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Chump at Oxford, A (UA 1940, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy)



The incomparable team of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy end up in an unlikely setting–Oxford University–in this Hal Roach-produced comedy full of the pair’s classic high jinks. Within a three-part story, the boys foil a bank robber while working as street cleaners and as reward, the bank president offers to pay for their education at Oxford. They accept, and after the duo deals with endless pranks and ridicule from the other students, their fortune changes when a knock to Stan’s noggin jars his brain, causing him to think he’s actually the esteemed Lord Paddington, one of the most revered student-athletes in the history of the university.

Playing one of the Oxford students in A Chump at Oxford is British actor Peter Cushing, in one of his first film roles. Cushing would go on to appear in nearly 100 films, including many classic Hammer horror movies and Star Wars (1977).

production details
Stan Laurel as Stan
Oliver Hardy as Ollie
Forrester Harvey as Meredith
Wilfred Lucas as Dean Williams
Forbes Murray as Banker
Peter Cushing as Student
James Finlayson as Baldy Vandevere (uncredited)
Anita Garvin as Mrs. Vandevere (uncredited)
Frank Baker as Dean’s Servant
Eddie Borden as Ghost
Gerald Rogers as Student
Victor Kendall as Student
Gerald Fielding as Student
Charlie Hall as Student
Evelyn Barlow as Minor Role
Louise Bates as Minor Role
Harry Bernard as Policeman
Stanley Blystone as Policeman
Tom Costello as Minor Role
Richard Cramer as Minor Role
Jean De Briac as Pierre
Marjorie Deanne as Dinner Party Guest
Herbert Evans as Minor Role
Mack Germaine as Minor Role
Alec Harford as Cab Driver
Jack Heasley as Hodges
Jewel Jordan as Minor Role
Robert Kent as Minor Role
Rex Lease as Bank Robber
Ethelreda Leopold as Bank Manager’s Secretary
Lois Lindsay as Minor Role
Sam Lufkin as Water Wagon Driver
George Magrill as Tow-Truck Driver
Stan McKay as Minor Role
James Millican as Chauffeur
Edmund Mortimer as Dinner Guest
Doris Morton as Minor Role
Edgar Norton as Professor Witherspoon
William H. O’Brien as Man in Unemployment Office
Vivien Oakland as Receptionist
Jack Richardson as Minor Role
Ronald R. Rondell as Dinner Party Guest
Elmer Serrano as Minor Role
Al Thompson as Minor Role
Bobby Tracy as Minor Role

Director: Alfred Goulding
Producer: Hal Roach
Cinematography: Art Lloyd
Editor: Bert Jordan
Music: Marvin Hatley
Script: Felix Adler, Harry Langdon, Charley Rogers
Art Direction: Charles D. Hall

USA / United Artists / 63 minutes / 1940



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