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Code Name: Emerald (1985, Ed Harris, Eric Stoltz)



WWII spy thriller set shortly before D-Day in Paris, France. American agent Gus Lang (Ed Harris) is sent to France to rescue a captured U.S. officer (Eric Stoltz) and prevent vital information about the upcoming Normandy invasion from falling into Nazi hands. Lang serves as a double agent, depending on information from secret contacts, the French Resistance and Nazis to get to the young captive. Adapted by Ronald Bass from his novel The Emerald Illusion. Also known simply as Emerald.

Code Name: Emerald is the first feature film directed by Jonathan Sanger, who produced such films as The Elephant Man (1980) and Frances (1982).

production details
USA | 95 minutes | 1985

Director: Jonathan Sanger
Producer: Martin Starger
Director of Photography: Freddie Francis
Editing: Stu Linder
Music:John Addison
Script: Ronald Bass

Tony Rohr as Patrick Callaghan
George Mikell as Major Seltz
Eric Stoltz as Andy Wheeler
Helmut Berger as Ernst Ritter
Ed Harris as Gus Lang
Horst Buchholz as Walter Hoffman
Max von Sydow as Jürgen Brausch
Cyrielle Clair as Claire Jouvet
Patrick Stewart as Colonel Peters
Graham Crowden as Sir Geoffrey Macklin
Gabriel Barylli as Dieter Träger
Peter Bonke as Johann
Henri Lambert as Andre
Ray Armstrong as Willoughby
Julie Jézéquel as Jasmine