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Comedy of Terrors, The (1963, Vincent Price, Boris Karloff)



Vincent Price stars in this droll horror film as a New England mortician who, unable to pay his rent, goes on a little spree to scare up some business. Classic horror greats pepper the cast: Boris Karloff plays the mortician’s senile father-in-law and Peter Lorre appears as the reluctant henchman who falls for the mortician’s wife.

production details
USA | 84 minutes | 1963

Director: Jacques Tourneur
Producers: Anthony Carras, Richard Matheson
Cinematography: Floyd Crosby
Editor: Anthony Carras
Music: Les Baxter
Script: Richard Matheson
Art Direction: Daniel Haller

Peter Lorre as Felix Gillie
Joe E. Brown as Cemetery Keeper
Vincent Price as Waldo Trumbull
Boris Karloff as Amos Hinchley
Joyce Jameson as Amaryllis Trumbull
Beverly Powers as Mrs. Phipps
Basil Rathbone as Mr. Black