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The Constant Nymph The Constant Nymph


Constant Nymph, The (Warner 1943, Charles Boyer, Joan Fontaine)



The Constant Nymph is a romantic melodrama of a young composer living in Switzerland with his mentor and the man’s four young daughters, one of whom is secretly in love with the dashing composer. When the mentor dies, a wealthy uncle comes to take the girls to England. With him is his daughter, whom the composer marries after a whirlwind courtship.

Back in England, however, he’s suffocated by his new life of money and prestige, and his music suffers. When his mentor’s daughter comes to him after fleeing her repressive boarding school, he realizes, a bit too late, that she is his true love, and the real inspiration for his art. Under her influence, he composes again, but tragedy strikes during the triumphant performance of his new work.

For The Constant Nymph, composer Erich Wolfgang Korngold composed an original symphonic tone poem, Tomorrow, which was so popular that Eileen Farrell sang it on a Bell Telephone Hour broadcast shortly after the film opened.

production details
USA / Warner / 120 minutes / 1943

Director: Edmund Goulding

Charles Boyer as Lewis Dodd
Joan Fontaine as Tessa Sanger
Alexis Smith as Florence Creighton
Brenda Marshall as Toni Sanger
Charles Coburn as Charles Creighton
May Whitty as Lady Constance Longborough
Peter Lorre as Fritz Bercovy
Joyce Reynolds as Paula Sanger
Jean Muir as Kate Sanger
Montagu Love as Albert Sanger
Eduardo Ciannelli as Roberto
Janine Crispin as Marie
Doris Lloyd as Miss Hamilton
Joan Blair as Lina Kamaroff
André Charlot as Dr. Renee

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