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Cooking with Love (Hallmark 2018, Ali Liebert, Brett Dalton)



Reality cooking show producer Kelly (Ali Liebert) prepares for Little Gourmet – a cooking show for kids. This season is especially important for Kelly, as it is her boss Amanda’s (Janet Kidder) last season and Kelly is in the running for a promotion when Amanda leaves the show. When show host Chef Betty (Gabrielle Rose) has an unexpected injury, Kelly hires controversial Chef Stephen (Dalton) as her temporary replacement.

Though they butt heads at first, eventually the two pair up to help one another – and even form a romantic connection. Kelly helps Stephen soften his damaged image, and Stephen encourages Kelly to share her creative ideas so she wins the promotion over her competition, Jeremy (Preston Vanderslice).

Just as their romance begins to blossom, though, Chef Betty returns and Stephen receives an offer to host a show across the country. Kelly is also shocked to learn that Jeremy has stolen her ideas and presented them as his own. When Chef Betty hurts herself right before the live finale, Kelly must seize the opportunity to both prove her producing skill and bring Stephen back into her life.

Original airdate: Sunday 11 February 2018 at 9.00pm on Hallmark.

production details
Canada | Hallmark | 84 minutes | 2018
Director: Jem Garrard
Script: Marcy Holland, Justine Cogan Gunn,

Ali Liebert as Kelly
Brett Dalton as Stephen
Janet Kidder as Amanda
Aria Birch as Becca
Preston Vanderslice as Jeremy
Julius Fair as Sebastian