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Dakota Incident (Republic 1956, Dale Robertson, Linda Darnell)



Dale Robertson plays bank robber John Banner, who decides to go straight. Pitching up in small town Christian Flats, he offers to drive the stagecoach to Laramie, despite the last one returning with the driver and passengers killed by the Cheyenne.

On board is a mix of the good and the bad, including bank teller John Carter (John Lund), suspected of one of Banner’s robberies, showgirl Amy Clarke (Linda Darnell) and Indian-loving Senator Blakely (Ward Bond). Ambushed by the Cheyenne, the group must fight for their lives in Lewis R Foster’s western, which is enhanced by the spectacular photography of Ernest Haller.

production details
USA | Republic Pictures | 88 minutes | 1956

Director: Lewis R. Foster
Director of Photography: Ernest Haller
Writer: Frederick Louis Fox

Irving Bacon as Tully Morgan
John Lund as John Carter (aka Hamilton)
Regis Toomey as Minstrel
Ward Bond as Sen. Blakely
William Fawcett as Matthew Barnes
Dale Robertson as John Banner
Charles Horvath as Cheyenne Leader
Linda Darnell as Amy Clarke
Skip Homeier as Frank Banner
John Doucette as Rick Largo
Whit Bissell as Mark Chester
Malcolm Atterbury as Desk Clerk at Belvidere Hotel
Diane DuBois as Giselle