Dallas (1950, Gary Cooper, Ruth Roman



Gritty and involving western starring Gary Cooper as an ex-Confederate officer who poses as a newly-appointed US Marshal in order to exact bloody vengeance against brothers Steve Cochran, Raymond Massey and Zon Murray for plundering his estate and murdering his family.

production details
USA | 94 minutes | 1950

Director: Stuart Heisler
Script: John Twist,

Gary Cooper as Blayde Hollister
Ruth Roman as Tonia Robles
Steve Cochran as Bryant Marlow
Raymond Massey as Will Marlow
Barbara Payton as Flo
Leif Erickson as U.S. Marshal Martin Weatherby
Antonio Moreno as Don Felipe Robles
Jerome Cowan as Matt Coulter
Reed Hadley as Wild Bill Hickok
Gil Donaldson as Luis Robles

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