Dark Command (Republic 1940, John Wayne, Claire Trevor)



In The Dark Command John Wayne is marshal of a Kansas town besieged by a pro-Confederacy gang led by Walter Pidgeon. Claire Trevor is the love interest caught between the two.

Famed stuntman Yakima Canutt pulls off one of his most famous feats in Dark Command, a quartet of men and a team of horses rides off a cliff into a lake.

production details
USA | Republic Pictures Corporation | 94 minutes | 1940

Director: Raoul Walsh
Producer: Sol C. Siegel
Original Story: W. R. Burnett
Editor: William Morgan
Music: Victor Young
Script: Jan Fortune, F. Hugh Herbert, Lionel Houser, Grover Jones
Art Direction: John Victor MacKay
Cinematographer: Jack A. Marta
Stunt Coordinator: Yakima Canutt

Claire Trevor as Miss Mary McCloud
John Wayne as Bob Seton
Walter Pidgeon as William ‘Will’ Cantrell
Roy Rogers as Fletcher ‘Fletch’ McCloud
George ‘Gabby’ Hayes as Andrew ‘Doc’ Grunch
Porter Hall as Angus McCloud
Marjorie Main as Mrs. Cantrell / Mrs. Adams
Raymond Walburn as Judge Buckner
Joe Sawyer as Bushropp
Helen MacKellar as Mrs. Hale
J. Farrell MacDonald as Dave
Trevor Bardette as Mr. Hale
Ernie Adams as Townsman
Richard Alexander as Phil – Guerrilla Guarding Seton
Earl Askam as Guerrilla
Hank Bell as Townsman
Ray Bennett as Guerrilla
Stanley Blystone as Tough
Ed Brady as Juror
Al Bridge as Slave Trader
Roy Bucko as Brawler
Nora Bush as Townswoman
Budd Buster as Townsman
Yakima Canutt as Townsman on Balcony
Bob Card as Townsman
Horace B. Carpenter as Townsman
Burr Caruth as Minister
Noble Chissell as Guerrilla
Edmund Cobb as Juror #3
Tex Cooper as Townsman
Harry Cording as Angry Townsman in Bank
Bobby Crandall as Child
Marvin Davis as Child
Art Dillard as Guerrilla
John Dilson as Town Leader
Edward Earle as Town Leader
Betty Farrington as Townswoman
Robert Ferrero as Child
Joseph Forte as Townsman
Mildred Gover as Ellie – Mary’s Maid
Herman Hack as Townsman
Frank Hagney as Tough Yankee #2
Al Haskell as Townsman
Edward Hearn as Jury Foreman
Howard C. Hickman as Southerner Orating for Votes
Lloyd Ingraham as Townsman
Jack Kirk as Guerrilla
Ethan Laidlaw as Guerrilla
Mike Lally as Townsman
Tom London as Messenger
Walter Long as Townsman
Jack Low as Juror #2
Herbert MacGregor as Child
Cactus Mack as Townsman
Nelson McDowell as Farmer
Joe McGuinn as Guerrilla
John Merton as Cantrell Man
Jack Montgomery as Guerrilla
Dolly Nardon as Child
Lawrence Osman as Child
Russell Palmer as Child
Harvard Peck as Child
Dick Rich as Dental Patient #1
Lee Riggin as Child
Jack Rockwell as Assassin of Angus McCloud
Clinton Rosemond as Tom – McClouds’ Servant
Tom Smith as Posse Rider
Harry Strang as Man About to Withdraw Money from Bank
Glenn Strange as Tough Yankee #1
Bob Sáenz as Guerrilla
Hal Taliaferro as Angry Townsman in Bank
Al Taylor as Guerrilla
Ferris Taylor as Banker
Ernest Tobey as Child
Ethel Wales as Townswoman
Cecil Weston as Townswoman
Henry Wills as Guerrilla
Harry Woods as Man in Fight with Seton
Bob Woodward as Yankee
Michael Miller as Child

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