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Debt Collector, The (2018, Scott Adkins, Louis Mandylor)



In the action-comedy tinged The Debt Collector, French (played by Scott Adkins) is a British martial arts expert who is living in the US running a training camp, but when his business runs into trouble he ends up working for the mob as a debt collector but soon finds things spiralling out of control.

production details
USA | 96 minutes | 2018

Director: Jesse V. Johnson
Script: Jesse V. Johnson, Stu Small, Ariel Bleiberg,

Scott Adkins as French
Michael Paré as Mad Alex
Tony Todd as Barbosa
Louis Mandylor as Sue
Vladimir Kulich as Tommy
Robert Rusler as Tarva
Selina Lo as Sandy
Nihan Gur as Angela
Sara Finley as Lola
Essam Ferris as The Serb
Marshal Hilton as Priest
Danice Cabanela as Jeanette
Grant Harling as Crisp
Geordie Robinson as Tim
Jack Lowe as Conor Mulligan
Rich Manley as Clive
Sean Crampton as Bill
Justin Gant as Ollie
Robert Hallak as Gordon Karp
Josie M. Parker as Laine
Matt Harrison as Assistant Dealer
Alex Jungers as Sadie
Jake McDermott as Patrick
Marc Schaffer as Good Samaritan
Kelly Tucci as Trista
Rachel Brann as Amanda
Michael Meir Saltzman as Pot-Head
David William No as Roger