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Devil and Miss Jones, The (RKO 1941, Jean Arthur, Charles Coburn)



In The Devil and Miss Jones the Bill Gates of his day (Charles Coburn) discovers an effigy of himself hanging outside a department store he didn’t even know he owned.

Curious, he ventures inside and becomes a clerk in order to investigate further. Naturally, the view from street level brings a new perspective and romance. A witty script is given a big lift from Jean Arthur and Charles Coburn.

When released The Devil and Miss Jones came in for some criticism for its unionist sympathies. It enraged some conservatives who believed Hollywood was becoming too liberal for its own good.

production details
USA | RKO | 92 minutes | 1941

Director: Sam Wood
Script: Norman Krasna,

Robert Emmett Keane as Tom Higgins
Edward McNamara as Police Desk Sergeant
Charles Coburn as John P. Merrick/Thomas Higgins
Jean Arthur as Mary Jones
Robert Cummings as Joe O’Brien
Edmund Gwenn as Hooper
Spring Byington as Elizabeth Ellis
S.Z. Sakall as George (Merrick’s Butler)
Walter Kingsford as Mr. Allison (General Manager)
Montagu Love as Harrison
Richard Carle as Oliver
Charles Waldron as Needles
Edwin Maxwell as Withers
Florence Bates as Store Shopper
Bess Flowers as Saleslady