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Dr. Dolittle 2 (2001, Eddie Murphy, Raven-Symone)



Following the success of Doctor Dolittle , itself based on the 1967 original, Steve Carr’s film sees Eddie Murphy once again play the eponymous doctor who can talk to animals. A group of beavers, headed by a Godfather-style leader, ask Dolittle to save their habitat from loggers. The only hope is to get the forest preserved because it’s the home of a protected bear, but there’s a problem: the bear’s the only bear in the forest, so she can’t reproduce. Undaunted, Dolittle persuades a circus bear to help out, but first, he has to teach him not just the ways of the wild, but the wiles of lady bears too.

Unlike the somewhat episodic first film, the sequel has more of a plot and, of course, is destined to have all the audience on Dolittle’s side; not a difficult feat with Jeffrey Jones as the logger and enemy of the ecology and Kevin Pollak as his smarmy attorney. Also returning are Lucky the dog (voiced by Norm MacDonald) and Drunk Monkey (Phil Proctor), but the scene stealer is Archie the bear (Steve Zahn), whose grasp of civilisation’s benefits, including petrol station restrooms, isn’t quite matched by his grasp of the great outdoors. With a great supporting cast, both human and animal, this is amusing throughout with the beasts – a mix of puppetry, animatronics, CGI and genuine animals – almost acting Murphy off the screen.

production details
USA | 87 minutes | 2001

Director: Steve Carr
Script: Larry Levin,

Raven-Symoné as Charisse Dolittle
Kevin Pollak as Riley / Alligator
David L. Lander as Bird (voice)
Googy Gress as Bear Announcer
Kristen Wilson as Lisa Dolittle
Eddie Murphy as Dr. John Dolittle
Kyla Pratt as Maya Dolittle
Mandy Moore as Girl Bear Cub (voice)
John DiMaggio as Seeing Eye Dog / Wassup Fish / Mouse (voice)
Andy Richter as Eugene Wilson
Denise Dowse as Secretary
James Avery as Eldon
Arnold Schwarzenegger as White Wolf (voice) (archive sound) (uncredited)
Andy Dick as Lennie the Weasel (voice)
Joey Lauren Adams as Squirrel (voice)
David Cross as Dog / Animal Groupie #2 (voice)
Georgia Engel as Giraffe (voice)
Mike Epps as Sonny (voice)
Jamie Kennedy as Bandit / Forest Animal / Animal Groupie #1 (voice)
Tom Kenny as Male Tortoise (voice)
Cedric the Entertainer as Zoo Bear #1 (voice)
Michael McKean as Bird (voice)
Frankie Muniz as Boy Bear Cub (voice)
Bob Odenkirk as Animal Groupie #4 / Forest Animal / Dog (voice)
Reni Santoni as Rat #2 (voice)
Hal Sparks as School Fish #1 (voice)
Renée Taylor as Female Tortoise (voice)
John Witherspoon as Zoo Bear #2 (voice)
Lisa Kudrow as Ava (voice)
Crystal the Monkey as Drunk Monkey (uncredited)
Victor Raider-Wexler as Judge B. Duff
Jeffrey Jones as Joe Potter
Mark Griffin as Logger / Nature Show Narrator
Ken Hudson Campbell as Animal Control Officer / Dog / Animal Groupie #3 / Forest Animal (voice)
Anne Stedman as Woman
Tommy Bush as Farmer
Adam Vernier as Farm Worker
Chris Marley as Yuppie Man
Shaun Robinson as Newscaster
Lisa Marie Hugueley as Shamu Trainer
Doug Seus as Klondike Dave Delivery Man
Louise Osbourne as Waitress
Brie Hill Arbaugh as Chihuahua Lady
E.J. Wessel as Guy Throwing Frisbee
Jodi Essex as Girl Throwing Frisbee
Lawrence Pressman as Governor of California
Lil’ Zane as Eric