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Dungeons and Dragons (2000, Thora Birch, Jeremy Irons)



Thora Birch stars as a youthful Empress determined to use her powers for justice and prosperity in Courtney Solomon’s all-action fantasy thriller, based on the popular role-playing game. But she is overthrown by the evil magician (Jeremy Irons) and must set out on a quest for the Rod of Savrille, which will give her control over the Red Dragons and help her regain her throne.

production details
Czechoslavakia – USA | 107 minutes | 2000

Writers: Topper Lilien, Carroll Cartwright
Director: Courtney Solomon

Bruce Payne as Damodar
Kristen Wilson as Norda
Justin Whalin as Ridley Freeborn
Jeremy Irons as Profion
Thora Birch as Empress Savina
Zoe McLellan as Marina Pretensa
Marlon Wayans as Snails
Robert Miano as Azmath
Tomas Havrlik as Mage
Lee Arenberg as Elwood Gutworthy
Martin Astles as Orc #1
David O’Kelly as Three Eyes
Richard O’Brien as Xilus
Matthew O’Toole as Orcs
Edward Jewesbury as Vildan Vildir