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Dunston Checks In (1996, Faye Dunaway, Jason Alexander)



Ken Kwapis’s comedy is set in the swish Majestic Hotel, run by the fierce Mrs Dubrow (Faye Dunaway), eagerly awaiting a hotel inspector who may award six-star status. So Robert Grant, the manager (Jason Alexander) has to be on top form while coping with his son Kyle Grant’s (Eric Lloyd) insistence that there’s an orang-utan on the loose. But he’s right – master crook Lord Rutledge (Rupert Everett) has sneaked the trained ape in to commit a series of audacious burglaries – and once Robert realises the truth, the only hope is that animal expert Buck LeFarge (Paul Reubens, previously known as Pee Wee Herman) will capture the simian before the inspector realises anything is wrong.

production details
USA | 88 minutes | 1996

Writers: John Hopkins, Bruce Graham
Director: Ken Kwapis

Faye Dunaway as Mrs. Dubrow
Frank Welker as Special Vocal Effects (voice)
Glenn Shadix as Lionel Spalding
Danny Comden as Norm
Jason Alexander as Robert Grant
Eric Lloyd as Kyle Grant
Rupert Everett as Lord Rutledge
Graham Sack as Brian Grant
Paul Reubens as Buck LaFarge
Nathan Davis as Victor Dubrow
Jennifer Bassey as Mrs. Dellacroce
Judith Scott as Nancy
Bruce Beatty as Murray
Steven Gilborn as Artie
Lois De Banzie as Mrs. Winthrop
Natalie Core as Mrs. Feldman
Paula Malcomson as Bellman