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Dust (TCF 1985, Trevor Howard, Jane Birkin)



Jane Birkin and Trevor Howard give commanding performances as disturbed daughter Magda and her cool customer of a father, both living on a desolate South African farm. When Magda discovers that dear old dad has seduced Klein Anna (Nadine Uwampa), the wife of their foreman, she goes berserk and kills him in a startling act of parricide.

Instead of taking off, Magda then remains on the farm, growing increasingly involved with the young black couple, her deterioration giving rise to another tragedy. The film was adapted by director Marion Hansel from Jean-Marie Coetzee’s novel, In the Heart of the Country.

production details
USA – France | Twentieth Century Fox | 88 minutes | 1985

Director: Marion Hansel
Producers: Jean Daskalides, Jaques Dubrulle, Marion Hansel, Jean-Francois Lepetit
Original Story: Jean-Marie Coetzee
Cinematography: Walther van den Ende
Editor: Susana Rossberg
Music: Martin St Pierre
Script: Marion Hansel
Production Design: Pierre-Louis Thevenet

Jane Birkin as Magda
Trevor Howard as Le père
John Matshikiza as Hendrick
Nadine Uwampa as Klein Anna
Lourdes Christina Sayo as Oud Anna
René Díaz as Jacob
Tom Vrebus as Piet