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Edgar Wallace The Sinister Man Edgar Wallace The Sinister Man


Edgar Wallace Mysteries: The Sinister Man (Merton Park 1961, John Bentley, Patrick Allen)



In The Sinister Man Superintendent Wills investigates the murder of a man found floating in a local canal, it appears the victim was a archeology professor working on the deciphering of some very rare tablets which if they fall into the wrong hands could cause major problems for one asian country.

Definitely one of the great Edgar Wallace entries with a fab cast that includes a pre-Steptoe Wilfred Brambell, Patrick Allen, William Gaunt and Burt Kwouk. John Bentley who took the lead as Superintendent Willis was a popular actor in the late fifties and early sixties but is all but forgotten these days.

Series: Edgar Wallace Mysteries Story Number 13

production details
UK / Merton Park / 61 minutes / 1961

Director: Clive Donner
Writers: Edgar Wallace, Robert Banks Stewart,

Wilfrid Brambell as Lock-Keeper
John Bentley as Superintendent Wills
Patrick Allen as Dr. Nelson Pollard
Jacqueline Ellis as Elsa Marlowe
John Glyn-Jones as Dr. Maurice Tarn

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