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Elephant Boy (TCF 1937, Sabu, Allan Jeayes)



The engaging story of a young Indian boy who discovers the location of the fabled elephant burial ground. This film marked Sabu’s debut performance.

In India, director Robert Flaherty shot nearly 60 hours of film for the movie without a script. Later Sabu travelled to England, where Zoltan Korda concocted a plot and used as much Flaherty footage as possible to make a new feature.

production details
USA – UK | Twentieth Century Fox | 80 minutes | 1937

Director: Robert Flaherty
Producer: Zoltan Korda
Cinematography: Osmond H. Borradaile
Editor: William Hornbeck
Script: John Collier
Art Direction: John Hoesli, John Howell

Wilfrid Hyde-White as Commissioner
Allan Jeayes as Machua Appa
Sabu as Elephant Boy
Walter Hudd as Petersen
D.J. Williams as Hunter
W.E. Holloway as Vater
Iravatha as Kala Naga
Harry Lane
Bruce Gordon as Rham Lahl