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Equilibrium (2002, Christian Bale, Emily Watson)



In the near future, following WWIII, the population of the nation of Libria must take the expression-suppressant Prozia II to suppress the emotions their ruler (Angus Macfadyen) believes caused the war. To prevent violation of the law, enforcement officers called Grammatons punish anyone that shows signs of emotion.

But when one of them (Christian Bale) forgets his dose, the scales fall from his eyes and he discovers a rebel group who have kept art and literature alive. But they are under threat; can he help them survive? Kurt Wimmer’s sci-fi film is, like Fahrenheit 451 , concentrates primarily on raising moral and ethical issues, although there are also spectacular Gun-Kata fights.

production details
USA – UK | 107 minutes | 2002

Writer and Director: Kurt Wimmer

Sean Pertwee as Father
Taye Diggs as Brandt
Christian Bale as John Preston
Emily Watson as Mary O’Brien
Angus Macfadyen as Dupont
Sean Bean as Errol Partridge
Dominic Purcell as Seamus
Christian Kahrmann as Officer in Charge
William Fichtner as Jürgen
John Keogh as Chemist
David Barrash as Evidentiary Storage Officer
Dirk Martens as Gate Guard
Matthew Harbour as Robbie Preston
Maria Pia Calzone as Preston’s Wife
Emily Siewert as Lisa Preston
Florian Fitz as Guard
David Hemmings as Proctor
Brian Conley as Reading Room Proprietor
Anatole Taubman as Crematory Technician
Francesco Cabras as Rebel Leader