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Erasable You (1998, Timothy Busfield, Jennifer Grant)



Comedies don’t come much blacker than Harry Bromley Davenport’s sly film. Ad exec Brian (Timothy Busfield) and his second wife Calamity (Melora Hardin) would be in heaven were it not for his ex-wife Stephanie (Jennifer Grant), who’s managed to get an alimony settlement that sees her living in a luxury Hollywood mansion while they live in a small apartment one step up from a slum.

But if something were to happen to Stephanie… The pair hire a hitman who is, unfortunately, not only totally incompetent but also develops a crush on Calamity. And meanwhile, Stephanie has hooked up with super-rich psychotic Ralph Worth (M Emmet Walsh) and has her own plans…

production details
USA | 85 minutes | 1998

Director: Harry Bromley Davenport

Timothy Busfield as Brian
Jennifer Grant as Stephanie
Melora Hardin as Calamity
M. Emmet Walsh as Ralph Worth
Jamie Williams as Gerald
James DuMont as Ron
Sarina C. Grant as
Mitchell Group as Stephanie’s Lawyer
Daryl Haney as Jack Henry
Paul Klar as Maitre’de
Michael Kopelow as Marketing Rep
Trevor Lissauer as Mr. Green
Jill Novick as Brat
Megahn Perry as Female Agency Client
Timi Prulhiere as
Sy Richardson as Miliatant
Burke Roberts as Skinhead