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Escort West (UA 1959, Victor Mature, Faith Domergue)



Victor Mature plays a Confederate soldier who decides to put the war behind him by heading West with his ten-year-old daughter. Along the way they meet up with a pair of steely women, two sisters who help them survive an attack by renegades and heroically thwart an attempt to rob an Army payroll. This overlooked Western is sturdy and intelligent, showing a little revisionism by going against macho type with strong female characters and featuring solid performances all around.

Escort West star Faith Domergue recalled in an interview that while she was an experienced horsewoman, her co-star Victor Mature was terrified of horses. ‘He couldn’t ride. … He had a good sense of humor. He would get up on the horse, but not before two people held him on both sides.”

production details
USA | United Artists | 75 minutes | 1959

Director: Francis D. Lyon
Producers: Nate H. Edwards, Robert E. Morrison, John Wayne
Director of Photography: William H. Clothier
Editing: Otto Ludwig
Music:Henry Vars
Script: Leo Gordon, Fred Hartsook, Steve Hayes
Art Direction: Alfred Ybarra

Victor Mature as Ben Lassiter
Faith Domergue as Martha Drury
Elaine Stewart as Beth Drury
Leo Gordon as Trooper Vogel
Roy Barcroft as Sgt. Doyle
Syd Saylor as Elwood Fenniman
Noah Beery, Jr. as Lt. Jamison
Harry Carey, Jr. as Trooper Travis
Ken Curtis as Trooper Burch
Claire Du Brey as Mrs. Kate Fenniman
John Hubbard as Lt. Weeks
Reba Waters as Abbey Lassiter
Slim Pickens as Corporal Wheeler
Rex Ingram as Nelson Walker
William Ching as Capt. Howard Poole