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Esther and the King (1960, Richard Egan, Joan Collins)



In one of her early lead roles, Joan Collins stars in Raoul Walsh’s muscular Biblical epic, a genre of films popular in the 50s and 60s. Richard Egan plays fourth-century Persian king Ahasuerus, who returns from conquering Egypt to find his queen Vashti (Daniela Rocca) has been unfaithful and his vizier Haman (Sergio Fantoni) has been undermining his authority.

Banishing Vashti, he must choose another queen and Haman plans for his choice to be crowned to maintain his power in the court. But Ahasuerus chooses the beautiful Esther (Collins) and Haman must turn to another plan: he demands the Jews in the kingdom must renounce their faith or perish. Can Esther use her influence to save her people?

production details
USA – Italy | 109 minutes | 1960

Directors: Raoul Walsh, Mario Bava

Richard Egan as King Ahasuerus
Joan Collins as Esther
Sergio Fantoni as Haman
Denis O’Dea as Mordecai