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Flamingo Road (Warner 1949, Joan Crawford, Zachary Scott)



In Flamingo Road life in a small southern town heats up when a sexy dancer (Joan Crawford) gets stranded by a traveling carnival. She wins the hearts of two men and gets a taste of local politics when she butts heads with a corrupt sheriff (a brilliant Sydney Greenstreet). Apparently Crawford only accepted the role after Jack Warner ordered rewrites and spruced up the production.

The original tagline for the film Flamingo Road was “A wrong girl for the right side of the tracks. The story and the movie later served as the basis for an early 1980’s supersoap with Morgan Fairchild in the lead and Howard Duff as the crooked Sheriff.

production details
USA | Warner | 94 minutes | 1949

Director: Michael Curtiz
Script: Robert Wilder, Sally Wilder,

Tito Vuolo as Pete Ladas
Dick Elliott as Tom Coyne (uncredited)
Joan Crawford as Lane Bellamy
Frank Cady as Tom Hill (uncredited)
Iris Adrian as Blanche – Inmate of Women’s Prison (uncredited)
Gladys George as Lute Mae Sanders
Larry J. Blake as Martin (uncredited)
Dale Robertson as Tunis Simms (uncredited)
Fred Kelsey as Train Conductor (uncredited)
Fred Clark as Doc Waterson
Zachary Scott as Fielding Carlisle
Sydney Greenstreet as Sheriff Titus Semple
David Brian as Dan Reynolds
Virginia Huston as Annabelle Weldon
Gertrude Michael as Millie
Alice White as Gracie
Sam McDaniel as Boatright
Morgan Farley as Link Niles (uncredited)
Roy Gordon as Senator Flagstedt (uncredited)
Lester Kimmel as Jamison – Dan’s Lawyer (uncredited)