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Fly, The (1986, Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis)



David Cronenberg’s visceral update of the 1958 classic sees Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) as the scientist with a great mind but lacking an eye for detail. So when a fly shares the pod that he is using to ‘teleport’ matter between two places, he soon finds his DNA becoming rather maladjusted as the fly begins to play with his molecular structure.

His body begins to take on strange fly-like ticks and capabilities and his physical structure begins to change, taking on the characteristics of the fly as he begins to emerge as Brundle-fly. Journalist Geena Davis has been shadowing Brundle for what promises to be the ‘story of the year.’ The pair find love and a little bit of insect DNA makes the story even more interesting.

Like much of Cronenberg’s work, the film offers an interesting analogy for a host of modern diseases and while the gore factor is high, the love story provides a touching counterpoint.

production details
USA | 96 minutes | 1986

Director: David Cronenberg
Script: Charles Edward Pogue David Cronenberg

Jeff Goldblum as Seth Brundle
Geena Davis as Veronica Quaife
John Getz as Stathis Borans
Joy Boushel as Tawny
Leslie Carlson as Dr. Brent Cheevers
George Chuvalo as Marky
Michael Copeman as 2nd Man in Bar
David Cronenberg as Gynecologist
Carol Lazare as Nurse
Shawn Hewitt as Clerk