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Fort Massacre (1958, Joel McCrea, Forrest Tucker)



Joseph M Newman’s tough western stars Joel McCrea as Sgt Vinson, a US cavalry sergeant who takes over command of the platoon when the senior officers are killed in an Apache attack. He has to lead the troop to safety through hundreds of miles of hostile territory, as the marauding Apaches continue to harry them, but his men begin to question his plans, particularly when he decides to attack a superior force.

Is he seeking revenge for the murder of his wife by the Apache, even at the expense of his own men, and how can they stop him sacrificing their lives?

production details
USA | 80 minutes | 1958

Director: Joseph M. Newman
Script: Martin Goldsmith,

Joel McCrea as Sgt. Vinson
Forrest Tucker as Pvt. McGurney
John Russell as Pvt. Robert W. Travis
Denver Pyle as Pvt. Collins
George N. Neise as Pvt. Pendleton
Anthony Caruso as Pawnee (Indian scout)
Robert Osterloh as Pvt. Schwabacker
Francis McDonald as Old Piute Man
Guy Prescott as Pvt. Tucker
Rayford Barnes as Pvt. Moss
Irving Bacon as Charlie the Trader
Claire Carleton as Adele (Charlie’s wife)
Larry Chance as Moving Cloud
Susan Cabot as Piute Girl