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Four Daughters (Warner 1938, John Garfield, Priscilla Lane)



A touching drama about a musical family with four lovely girls. The quiet existence of their Connecticut household is shattered by a parade of men who enter the family’s life. One of these characters is the melancholy Mickey Borden–a morose piano player whose arrival causes emotional havoc for one of the daughters and for the other man who loves her, too. A wonderfully acted film that inspired two sequels, as well as a remake.

Four Daughters marked the screen debut of actor John Garfield, who played Mickey Borden.

production details
USA | Warner Bros. | 90 minutes | 1938

Director: Michael Curtiz
Producer: Henry Blanke
Cinematography: Ernest Haller
Editor: Ralph Dawson
Music: Max Steiner
Script: Lenore J. Coffee, Julius J. Epstein
Production Design: John Hughes

John Garfield as Mickey Borden
Eddie Acuff as Sam
Claude Rains as Adam Lemp
Tom Dugan as Jake
Lola Lane as Thea Lemp
May Robson as Aunt Etta
Frank McHugh as Ben Crowley
Jeffrey Lynn as Felix Deitz
Gale Page as Emma Lemp
Dick Foran as Ernest
Vera Lewis as Mrs. Ridgefield
Donald Kerr as Earl
Priscilla Lane as Ann Lemp
Rosemary Lane as Kay Lemp