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G.I. Jane (1997, Demi Moore, Viggo Mortensen)



Senator Lillian DeHaven (Anne Bancroft) is eager to push through full gender integration into the armed forces, and persuades the would-be Navy secretary that a woman should be given the chance to train alongside men. Lieutenant Jordan O’Neil is given the tough test assignment of elite Navy SEALS combat training, with all involved fully expecting her to fail and be defeated by the punishing physical regime involved.

The sadistic Master Chief John Urgayle (Viggo Mortensen) gives none of his trainees special treatment, especially a woman, but O’Neil shaves her head, develops muscles aplenty and is determined to prove everyone wrong as she is put through her paces, including seeing service in a raid on Libya.

Scott’s film casts Moore, the star of Ghost, in an altogether new role as action heroine, which she pulls off with aplomb. Scott also had a special touch for the action scenes and managed to include submarine footage left over from his brother Tony’s film Crimson Tide.

production details
USA | 125 minutes | 1997

Director: Ridley Scott
Script: David Twohy, Danielle Alexandra,

Demi Moore as Lieutenant Jordan O’Neil
Viggo Mortensen as Master Chief John James Urgayle
Anne Bancroft as Senator Lillian DeHaven
Jason Beghe as Royce
Daniel von Bargen as Theodore Hayes
John Michael Higgins as Stabschef
Kevin Gage as Sergeant Max Pyro
David Warshofsky as Sergeant Johns
David Vadim as Sergeant Cortez
Morris Chestnut as McCool
Josh Hopkins as F. Lee Montgomery
Jim Caviezel as Slov
Boyd Kestner as Wick
Angel David as Newberry