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Gaslight (MGM 1944, Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman)



George Cukor captures the smoky, smoggy feel of Victorian London for this atmospheric mystery. Charles Boyer, the husband of innocent new bride Ingrid Bergman may have a dark past, and he may be trying to drive her insane to get his hands on her family’s jewels. Angela Lansbury’s film debut.

Gaslight was also known as Murder in Thornton Square (1944) when released in the United Kingdom. There had been a UK version made of Gaslight just a few years earlier.

Academy Award Nominations: 7, including Best Picture; Best Actor: Charles Boyer; Best Supporting Actress: Angela Lansbury; Best Screenplay; Best Cinematography.

production details
USA | MGM | 114 minutes | 1944

Director: George Cukor
Producer: Arthur Hornblow Jr.
Cinematography: Joseph Ruttenberg
Editor: Ralph E. Winters
Music: Bronislau Kaper
Script: John L. Balderston, Walter Reisch, John Van Druten
Production Design: William Ferrari, Cedric Gibbons

Charles Boyer as Gregory Anton
Ingrid Bergman as Paula Alquist
Joseph Cotten as Brian Cameron
Dame May Whitty as Miss Bessie Thwaites
Angela Lansbury as Nancy Oliver
Tom Stevenson as Williams
Heather Thatcher as Lady Mildred Dalroy
Lawrence Grossmith as Lord Dalroy
Emil Rameau as Maestro Guardi
Jakob Gimpel as Pianist
Harry Adams as Policeman (uncredited)
Joseph North as Policeman (uncredited)
Lassie Lou Ahern as Young Girl (uncredited)
Antonio D’Amore as Cab Man (uncredited)
Joseph Romantini as Cab Man (uncredited)
Guy Zanette as Cab Man (uncredited)
Frank Baker as Pedestrian (uncredited)
Wilson Benge as Pedestrian (uncredited)
Arthur Blake as Butler (uncredited)
Leonard Carey as Guide (uncredited)
Alec Craig as Turnkey (uncredited)
Helen Flint as Franchette (uncredited)
Gibson Gowland as Servant (uncredited)
Barbara Everest as Elizabeth Tompkins
Syd Saylor as Baggage Clerk (uncredited)
Jack Kirk as Cab Driver (uncredited)
Bobby Hale as Lamplighter (uncredited)
Halliwell Hobbes as Mr. Muffin
Charles McNaughton as Wilkins (uncredited)
John Ardizoni as Cab Man (uncredited)
Lillian Bronson as Lady (uncredited)
Gary Gray as Boy in Park with Nanny (uncredited)
Roger Gray as Stranger (uncredited)
Joy Harington as Miss Laura Pritchard (uncredited)
Terry Moore as Paula Alquist – Age 14 (uncredited)
Georgie Nokes as Boy (uncredited)
Tarquin Olivier as Boy in Museum (uncredited)
Arthur Stone as Durkin (uncredited)
Morgan Wallace as Fred Garrett (uncredited)
Eric Wilton as Valet (uncredited)
Eustace Wyatt as Budge (uncredited)
Maude Fealy as Bit Part (uncredited)
Al Ferguson as Bit Part (uncredited)
Clive Morgan as Bit Part (uncredited)
Elsie Prescott as Bit Part (uncredited)