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Getting Away with Murder (1996, Jack Lemmon, Dan Aykroyd)



For mild-mannered ethics professor Jack Lambert (Dan Aykroyd), moral decisions are strictly theoretical until he discovers that his next-door neighbour is the notorious war criminal Karl Luger (Jack Lemmon). As Jack becomes obsessed, he is unable to enjoy the attentions of his delectable new girlfriend Gail (Bonnie Hunt) and is blind to the amorous advances of Mueller’s own, ghastly, daughter, Inga (Lily Tomlin).

production details
USA | 91 minutes | 1996

Writer and Director: Harvey Miller

Jack Lemmon as Karl Luger
Dan Aykroyd as Jack Lambert
Bonnie Hunt as Gail Holland
J.C. Quinn as detektyw Stanley
Jerry Adler as Sędzia
Lily Tomlin as Inga Mueller
Brian Kerwin as Marty Lambert