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Ghost Breakers, The (Paramount 1940, Bob Hope, Paulette Goddard)



Bob Hope and Paulette Goddard seemed to bring out the best in each other in their comedy thrillers, and this is the best of the lot. Goddard inherits a creepy Cuban castle. Meanwhile, thinking that he’s killed a man, Hope hides away in a steam trunk that, unbeknownst to him, is bound for Cuba. They team up to face down death threats and ghouls.

While filming The Ghost Breakers, Bob Hope had an accident riding co-star Paulette Goddard’s motor scooter, scraping his knees and twisting his ankles. Production was then shut down for the rest of the day, to the annoyance of Goddard.

production details
USA / Paramount / 85 minutes / 1940

Director: George Marshall
Producer: Arthur Hornblow Jr.
Cinematography: Charles Lang
Editor: Ellsworth Hoagland
Music: Ernst Toch
Script: Walter DeLeon
Production Design: Hans Dreier, Robert Usher

Paulette Goddard as Mary Carter
Pedro de Cordoba as Havez (as Pedro De Cordoba)
Paul Fix as Frenchy Duval
Bob Hope as Larry Lawrence
Richard Carlson as Geoff Montgomery
Paul Lukas as Parada
Willie Best as Alex
Virginia Brissac as Mother Zombie
Noble Johnson as The Zombie
Anthony Quinn as Ramon Mederes / Francisco Mederes
Tom Dugan as Raspy Kelly
Lloyd Corrigan as Martin
Dolores Moran as Las Palmas Patron (uncredited)
Robert Ryan as Intern (uncredited)
James Blaine as Police Sergeant
David Durand as Bellhop
Jack Edwards as Ship Bellboy
Robert Elliott as Lieutenant Murray
James Flavin as Hotel Porter
Jack Hatfield as Elevator Boy
Grace Hayle as Screaming Woman
Douglas Kennedy as Intern
Francisco Marán as Headwaiter
Paul Newlan as Baggage Handler
Jack Norton as Drunk
Tom Quinn as Man in Hotel Hallway
Larry Steers as Man in Hotel Hallway
Kay Stewart as Telephone Girl
Leonard Sues as Newsboy
Brick Sullivan as Policeman at Boat Dock
Blanca Vischer as Dolores – Cuban Girl
Emmett Vogan as Radio Announcer
Max Wagner as Ship Porter