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Giant Gila Monster, The (1959, Don Sullivan, Fred Graham)



A very large lizard (incarnated by an actual gila monster posed against miniaturized sets) terrorizes a small Texan town. Saving the day is a group of local teens, hot car enthusiasts who, when not setting traps for the monster, occasionally break into song.

The Giant Gila Monster producer Ken Curtis collaborated with director Ray Kellogg on three films. Curtis is better known as an actor, appearing in numerous film and TV series, most memorably as Deputy Festus Haggen on Gunsmoke (1964-1975).

production details
USA | 74 minutes | 1959

Director: Ray Kellogg
Producers: Ken Curtis, Gordon McLendon
Cinematography: Wilfrid M. Cline
Editor: Aaron Stell
Music: Jack Marshall
Script: Ray Kellogg, Jay Simms

Don Sullivan as Chase Winstead
Fred Graham as Sheriff Jeff
Lisa Simone as Lisa
Shug Fisher as Old Man Harris
Bob Thompson as Mr. Wheeler
Janice Stone as Missy Winstead
Ken Knox as Horatio Alger ‘Steamroller’ Smith
Gay McLendon as Mom Winstead
Don Flournoy as Gordy
Cecil Hunt as Mr. Compton
Stormy Meadows as Agatha Humphries
Howard Ware as Ed Humphries
Pat Reeves as Rick
Jan McLendon as Jennie
Jerry Cortwright as Bob