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Girl on a Motorcycle (1968, Marianne Faithful, Alain Delon)



Ultra psychedelic cult movie Girl on a Motorcycle is perhaps best described by its US sexplotative title Naked Under Leather, a proper cultural artefact of the swinging sixties Girl stars the legendary Marianne Faithful as a married woman who begins an affair with Alain Delon, taking a trip on her revved up motorbike Faithful indulges in memories of and erotic fantasies about her lover.

Director Jack Cardiff goes full on for the trip. Psychedelic light shows well to the fore everytime a sex scene comes along.

Faithful is beautiful of course and in 1968 when the movie was made certainly at her best, you get the impression the people involved were trying to make an artistic statement that is never quite pulled off, the best scenes invariably being the ones where Faithful is either pulling on her outfit or unzipping it to get naked.

Despite the final 5 minutes that turn the movie on it’s head Girl on a Motorcycle is a must see for anyone interested in the pop culture of the 1960’s, two big stars indulging in some would be Gallic existentialism whilst getting it on in black leather and riding through a series of gorgeous landscapes.

production details
UK – France | 91 minutes | 1968

Director: Jack Cardiff
Script: Gillian Freeman, André Pieyre de Mandiargues, Ronald Duncan, Jack Cardiff,

Alain Delon as Daniel
Marius Goring as le père de Rebecca
Marianne Faithfull as Rebecca
Roger Mutton as Raymond
Catherine Jourdan as Catherine
Jean Leduc as Jean