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Glory Brigade, The (TCF 1953, Victor Mature, Lee Marvin)



A Korean War combat drama starring Victor Mature as an American of Greek extraction whose platoon of GIs is ordered to escort a group of Greek U.N. soldiers into enemy territory. When things go wrong, racial tensions erupt and there are lessons to be learned by all. Lee Marvin stands out in an early role as Mature’s underling.

production details
USA | Twentieth Century Fox | 82 minutes | 1953

Director: Robert Webb
Producer: William Bloom
Cinematography: Lucien Ballard
Editor: Mario Morra
Music: Lionel Newman
Script: Franklin Coen
Art Direction: Lewis H. Creber, Lyle Wheeler

Victor Mature as Lt. Sam Pryor
Alexander Scourby as Lt. Niklas
Lee Marvin as Cpl. Bowman
Richard Egan as Sgt. Johnson
Nick Dennis as Cpl. Marakis
Roy Roberts as Sgt. Chuck Anderson
Alvy Moore as Pvt. ‘Stoney’ Stone