Golden Horde, The (1951, Ann Blyth, David Farrer)



This action-packed adventure, filled with sword-fighting battles, is also the story of an empowered woman. The year is 1220, and Shalimar (Ann Blyth) is the princess of an Asian city being threatened by one of the world’s greatest conquerors: Gengkis Khan (Marvin Miller). Although Sir Guy (David Farrar) and his group of English crusaders offer to help, Blyth decides to fight this good fight on her own. Rather than relying on weapons, she uses her cunning mind and figures out a scheme, involving Genghis Khan’s son, to save her city.

AKA The Golden Horde of Genghis Khan.

production details
USA | Universal | 76 minutes | 1951

Director: George Sherman
Producers: Robert Arthur, Howard Christie
Original Story: Harold Lamb
Cinematography: Russell Metty
Editor: Frank Gross
Music: Hans J. Salter
Script: Gerald Drayson Adams
Art Direction: Alexander Golitzen, Bernard Herzbrun

David Farrar as Sir Guy of Devon
Ann Blyth as Princess Shalimar
George Macready as Raven the Shaman
Henry Brandon as Juchi, son of Genghis Khan
Richard Egan as Gill
Marvin Miller as Genghis Khan
Peggie Castle as Lailee
Poodles Hanneford as Friar John

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