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Golden Voyage Of Sinbad (Columbia 1973, John Philip Law, Caroline Munro)



Fifteen years after the success of The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad comes this belated follow-up, again boasting the (very) special effects of Ray Harryhausen. This version is British, however, so as well as a cast that includes future Dr Who Tom Baker, Hammer horror scream queen Caroline Munro and a young Martin Shaw, there’s also a script by Brian Clemens, better known as the man behind The Avengers.

John Phillip Law stars as Sinbad, whose latest adventure sees him seek the Fountain of Destiny, which is to be found on the lost land of Lemuria. When an amulet literally drops into his hands, Sinbad has one of the clues as to the land’s whereabouts. He finds the second in Marabia, although he is not alone in searching for the fountain. When he sets sail, he’s followed by the master magician Koura (Tom Baker), who’s determined to reach the fountain first so that his failing powers will be restored. He also knows that whoever gets to the fountain first with the amulets will be crowned the next leader of Marabia.

Despite attacks from some of Koura’s creatures, Sinbad and his crew reach Lemuria first. Now they must survive assaults from a giant six-armed statue of the goddess Kali, a one-eyed centaur and a ferocious gryphon before they reach the fountain. Once there, Sinbad will come face to face with his nemesis in a life-or-death battle…

production details
UK / Columbia – Morningside / 105 minutes / 1974

Writer: Brian Clemens, Ray Harryhausen
Music: Miklos Rozsa
Special Effects: Ray Harryhausen
Cinematography: Ted Moore
Producer: Charles H. Schneer
Director: Gordon Hessler

Grégoire Aslan as Hakim
Robert Shaw as The Oracle of all knowledge
Tom Baker as Prince Koura
John Phillip Law as Captian SInbad
Caroline Munro as Margiana
Douglas Wilmer as Vizier
Martin Shaw as Rachid
Kurt Christian as Haroun
Takis Emmanuel as Achmed
David Garfield as Abdul
Ferdinando Poggi as Kali stand-in
Aldo Sambrell as Omar