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Half Moon Street (1986, Michael Caine, Sigourney Weaver)



In this thriller, Sigourney Weaver stars as a researcher by day/call girl by night, moving in select London diplomatic circles. Meeting and conquering the affections of a sheik, she has no idea that she is becoming entangled in a dangerous international scheme with far-reaching financial and political repercussions. Based on a novella by Paul Theroux.

Oscar nominated actress Janet McTeer makes her screen debut in Half Moon Street, playing Van Arkady’s (Keith Buckley) secretary. McTeer was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for Tumbleweeds (1999).

production details
USA – UK | Twentieth Century Fox 90 minutes | 90 minutes | 1986

Director: Bob Swaim
Producers: John A. Davis, David Korda, Edward R. Pressman
Director of Photography: Peter Hannan
Editor: Richard Marden
Music: Richard Harvey
Script: Edward Behr, Bob Swaim
Production Design: Tony Curtis

Sigourney Weaver as Dr. Lauren Slaughter
Michael Caine as Lord Sam Bulbeck
Nadim Sawalha as Karim Hatami
Angus MacInnes as Bill Rafferty
Siobhan Redmond as Institute Secretary
Katherine Schofield as Overdressed Lady
Ram John Holder as Lindsay Walker
Janet McTeer as Van Arkady’s Secretary
Patrick Kavanagh as General Sir George Newhouse
Faith Kent as Lady Newhouse
Keith Buckley as Hugo Van Arkady
Vincent Lindon as Sonny
Maria Aitken as The Hon. Maura Hardcastle
Donald Pickering as George Hardcastle
Rupert Vansittart as Alan Platts-Williams
Anne Lambton as Sidney Platts-Williams