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Hand, The (Warner 1981, Michael Caine, Bruce McGill)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

When talented comic book artist Jon Lansdale (Michael Caine) loses his right hand in a car accident, both his career and his relationship with his wife take a downward spin. Bitter, angry, he soon discovers that his severed hand is killing the people who have wronged him. Charles Fleischer, the voice of Roger Rabbit, appears in a supporting role.

Oliver Stone, who directed The Hand, also appears in the film playing a bum.

production details
USA / Warner Bros. / 104 minutes / 1981

Director: Oliver Stone
Producer: Edward R. Pressman
Director of Photography: King Baggot
Editor: Richard Marks
Music: James Horner
Script: Oliver Stone
Production Design: J. Michael Riva

Rosemary Murphy as Karen Wagner
Andrea Marcovicci as Anne Lansdale
Mara Hobel as Lizzie Lansdale
Pat Corley as Sheriff
Bruce McGill as Brian Ferguson
Michael Caine as Jonathan Lansdale
Annie McEnroe as Stella Roche
Viveca Lindfors as Doctress
Nicholas Hormann as Bill Richamn
Ed Marshall as Doctor