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Harry Black (TCF 1958, Stewart Granger, Anthony Steel)



World famous hunter Harry Black (Stewart Granger) sets out to kill a ferocious Bengal tiger terrorizing a poor Indian villiage in this action adventure. Harry’s efforts reunite him with an old wartime acquaintance Dennis Tanner (Anthony Steel) whose son becomes the tiger’s next target. As he did in all his films, Stewart Granger insisted on performing his own stunts.

production details
UK | Twentieth Century Fox | 107 minutes | 1958

Director: Hugo Fregonese
Producer: John Brabourne
Cinematography: John Wilcox
Editor: Reginald Beck
Music: Clifton Parker
Script: Sydney Boehm
Art Director: Arthur Lawson

Anthony Steel as Desmond Tanner
Stewart Granger as Harry Black
Barbara Rush as Christian Tanner
I.S. Johar as Bapu
Martin Stephens as Michael Tanner
Frank Olegario as Dr. Chowdhury
Kamala Devi as Nurse Somola
John Helier as German Sergeant