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Heaven (1999, Martin Donovan, Karl Urban)



Robert Marling (Martin Donovan) is in trouble. Addicted to drink and gambling, he’s also fighting his ex-wife Jennifer (Joanna Going) for the custody of his son. And behind his back, his psychologist Dr Melrose (Patrick Malahide) is spilling his secrets to Jennifer to help her case – the two of them are having an affair. But one night, Robert saves transsexual stripper Heaven (Danny Edwards) from a beating as he leaves the nightclub owned by Robert’s friend Stanner (Richard Schiff). Heaven reveals ‘she’ is psychic and helps Robert win big money but, as the custody battle heats up and Stanner’s club is threatened with arson by thugs after the insurance money, Robert has to face up to his loyalties…

The film, told in flashbacks and forwards, offers partial glimpses of the plot from both the protaganists’ view and from Heaven’s (but which are real and which are Heaven’s fictions?) and, like Memento, the audience are kept on their toes throughout as scenes are intercut and repeated to dramatic effect as Robert moves towards his personal epiphany.

production details
USA | 105 minutes | 1999

Director: Scott Reynolds
Script: Chad Taylor, Scott Reynolds,

Martin Donovan as Robert Marling
Karl Urban as Sweeper
Patrick Malahide as Melrose
Richard Schiff as Stanner
Joanna Going as Jennifer Marling
Daniel Edwards as Heaven (as Danny Edwards)