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Helen of Troy (1956, Brigitte Bardot, Stanley Baker)



Robert Wise, better known for West Side Story and The Day the Earth Stood Still , turns his hand to sword-and-sandals in this superior drama. Jacques Sernas plays Paris of Troy, who, sailing to Sparta on a diplomatic mission, falls in love with Helen (Rossana Podesta), wife of Menelaus (Niall MacGinnis) and the pair flee to Troy.

But the lovers are pursued by the vengeful Menelaus whose army besieges the city and, famously, breaches its defences in the form of a huge wooden horse. Stanley Baker plays Achilles, with Cedric Harwicke as Priam, a very young Brigitte Bardot as Andraste and Harry Andrews as Hector.

production details
USA – Italy / 118 minutes / 1956-01-26

Story: Homer
Script: John Twist, N. Richard Nash, Hugh Gray
Director: Robert Wise

Harry Andrews as Hector
Ronald Lewis as Aeneas
Stanley Baker as Achilles
Brigitte Bardot as Andraste
Rossana Podestà as Helen
Cedric Hardwicke as Priam
Jacques Sernas as Paris
Niall MacGinnis as Menelaus
Nora Swinburne as Hecuba
Robert Douglas as Agamemnon
Torin Thatcher as Ulysses
Janette Scott as Cassandra
Eduardo Ciannelli as Andros
Marc Lawrence as Diomedes