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Hell Drivers (Rank 1957, Stanley Baker, Patrick McGoohan)



Hell Drivers released in 1957 and filmed in crisp black and white is a brilliant action filled tale about hard as nails drivers working for a haulage company.

The legendary Stanley Baker (one of the great under rated actors of the 1950s and 60s) plays ex con Tom who gets a job at a none too scrupulous road haulage firm where he soon crosses swords with the thoroughly despicable Red (Patrick McGoohan in a real scnery chewing pereformance of pure class).

Things start to get out of hand when Tom discovers that Red and company boss Cartley (William Hartnell) are cooking the books, not only that but the truckies at the firm (who also include Herbert Lom and a playing it straight Sid James) get paid by the job so the more runs they make the more money they make. This is of course where things begin to get dangerous as the men strive to drive ever faster and cut more corners. A fatal accident is waiting just around the corner to bring matters to a head.

Its a heady brew of melodrama and fisticuffs.

production details
Country: UK | Rank – Aqua | 108 minutes
Release Year: 1957

Writers: John Kruse, Cy Endfield
Cinematography: Geoffrey Unsworth
Music: Hubert Clifford
Producer: Ben Fisz
Director: Cy Endfield

Stanley Baker as Tom Yately
Patrick McGoohan as C. ‘Red’ Redman
Sean Connery as Johnny Kates
David McCallum as Jimmy Yately, Tom’s brother
Herbert Lom as Gino Rossi
Alfie Bass as Tinker, Truck Driver
Marianne Stone as Nurse
Sid James as Dusty, Truck Driver
William Hartnell as Cartley, Hawlett Manager
Gordon Jackson as Scottie
Vera Day as Blonde at Dance
Peggy Cummins as Lucy, Hawlett Trucking Secretary
Wilfrid Lawson as Ed, Hawlett Mechanic
Jill Ireland as Jill, Pull In Waitress
Marjorie Rhodes as Ma West

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