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Help! (UA 1965, The Beatles, Leo McKern)



In the second Beatles film, following the wildly successful A Hard Day’s Night and this time in color, Ringo Starr plays somebody – not just anybody – who has been passed a ring by a fan that prevents a cult from making sacrifices. The chase leads to outrageous jumps in location – from London to the Alps to the Bahamas and from Stonehenge to Salisbury Plain – and proves this film tries to out-bizarre the perfect zaniness of its predecessor.

Often hilarious, often not, this film still has the Beatles, cultists, Scotland Yard, false idols, catchy pop ditties, and a lot of Ringo Starr.

production details
UK | United Artists | 92 minutes | 1965

Director: Richard Lester
Producer: Walter Shenson
Director of Photography: David Watkin
Editor: John Victor Smith
Composer: Ken Thorne
Screenwriters: Marc Behm, Charles Wood
Special Effects: Cliff Richardson, Ray Wybrow
Art Director: Ray Simm
Songs: John Lennon, Paul McCartney

George Harrison as George
John Lennon as John
Paul McCartney as Paul
Ringo Starr as Ringo
Leo McKern as Clang
Eleanor Bron as Ahme
Victor Spinetti as Prof. Foot
Roy Kinnear as Algernon
John Bluthal as Bhuta
Patrick Cargill as Superintendent
Warren Mitchell as Abdul
Alfie Bass as Doorman