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Here Come the Huggetts (Rank 1948, Jack Warner, Kathleen Harrison)



In Here Come The Huggetts, the second appearance of the working Huggett family, following their debut in Holiday Camp, The Huggetts have their first telephone installed, sleep rough on The Mall whilst waiting for the Royal Wedding and deal with a fire at the ‘Oatibix’ factory. A young Diana Dors steals the show as the scheming niece of Ethel.

The Huggetts proved very popular with the audiences of the time, two further movies followed, Vote For Huggett and The Huggetts Abroad.

production details
UK / Rank – Gainsborough / 93 minutes / 1948-12-02

Writers: Mabel and Denis Constanduros, Muriel and Sydney Box, Peter Rogers
Director: Ken Annakin
Cinematography: Reg Wyer
Producer: Betty Box

Jack Warner as Joe Huggett
Kathleen Harrison as Ethel Huggett
Jane Hylton as Jane Huggett
Susan Shaw as Susan Huggett
Petula Clark as Pet Huggett
Jimmy Hanley as Jimmy Gardner
David Tomlinson as Harold Hinchley
Diana Dors as Diana Hopkins
Peter Hammond as Peter Hawtrey
John Blythe as Tony Gowan
Amy Veness as Grandma Huggett
Clive Morton as Mr. G.H. Campbell
Maurice Denham as 1st Engineer
Doris Hare as Mrs. Fisher
Esma Cannon as Youth Leader
Alison Leggatt as Miss Perks
Dandy Nichols as Aunt Edie Hopkins
Hal Osmond as 2nd Engineer
Peter Scott as Office Boy
Keith Shepherd as Vicar
Edmundo Ros as Himself
Dennis Harkin as Waiter (uncredited)
Cyril Chamberlain as Policeman at Crash Site (uncredited)