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Hijackers, the (Butchers 1963, Tony Booth, Jacqueline Ellis)



In B picture thriller, the Hijackers self employed lorry driver Terry McKinley is basically left broke after he is targeted by Hijackers. At the time of the hijack Terry was giving a lift to Shirley who happens to see the face of one of the hijackers…

Although the script is nothing original the performances are excellent and the quality of the casting is excellent too. Tony Booth takes a rare lead role and there are also appearances from Arthur English (still in his wideboy, dodgy moustache era), Patrick Cargill as the detective investigating the hijacking, Glynn Edwards and the omnipresent Marianne Stone. The excellent Ronald Hines also has a pivotal role as Terry’s best friend who is actually responsible for selling him out to the hijackers.

production details
UK | Butchers | 69 minutes | 1963

Writer and Director: Jim O’Connolly
Music: Johnny Douglas
Director of Photography: Walter Harvey
Art Director: Duncan Sutherland
Producer: John I. Phillips

Tony Booth as Terry McKinley
Jacqueline Ellis as Shirley
Derek Francis as Jack Carter
Patrick Cargill as Inspector Grayson
Glynn Edwards as Bluey
David Gregory as Pete
Arthur English
Marianne Stone
Harold Goodwin
Tommy Eytle
Ronald Hines
Tony Wager
Romo Gorrara
Michael Beint