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Hound Of The Baskervilles, The (Hammer 1959, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee)



For 200 years, the Baskerville Lords have died horribly on the moors, slaughtered by the “hound of hell.” Sir Henry (Christopher Lee) is the final heir to the estates and, fearing for his life, he calls in the legendary Sherlock Holmes (Peter Cushing) and his trusty companion and biographer Watson (Andre Morell).

Watson and Sir Henry are sent on ahead of Holmes, who insists he has another case to finish but, once at Baskerville Hall on Dartmoor, strange events, including lights on the moors, arouse Watson’s suspicions. Eventually, Holmes joins them and begins his investigations. Under Holmes’ expert eye, the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place. Meanwhile, Sir Henry has become infatuated with Cecile (Marla Landi), the beautiful daughter of one of the local farmers. When Holmes discovers that Sir Henry is having dinner with Cecile one night, he is horrified; he has solved the puzzle but he may be too late as the terrible cries of the hound fill the night air…

Fisher remained relatively faithful to Conan Doyle’s original story and, in Cushing, had one of Britain’s most underrated character actors slipping comfortably into the deerstalker. Morell is excellent as Watson, a role that some have equated with bumbling stupidity so as to make Holmes look super human, but here is a dogged and brave Watson who actually keeps up with Holmes at times.

production details
UK / Hammer – UA / 86 minutes / 1959 / Technicolor

Writer: Peter Bryan, from the novel by Arthur Conan Doyle
Cinematography: Jack Asher
Music: James Bernard
Producer: Anthony Hinds
Director: Terence Fisher

Peter Cushing as Sherlock Holmes
André Morell as Doctor Watson
Christopher Lee as Sir Henry
Francis de Wolff as Doctor Mortimer
Ewen Solon as Stapleton
Marla Landi as Cecile
David Oxley as Sir Hugo
John Le Mesurier as Barrymore
Helen Goss as Mrs. Barrymore
Michael Hawkins as Lord Caphill
Miles Malleson as Bishop
Sam Kydd as Perkins
Judi Moyens as Servant Girl
Michael Mulcaster as Convict
David Birks as Servant