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How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003, Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaughey)



Kate Hudson plays Andie Anderson, a successful writer on Composure , a top-class women’s magazine. Her next article is going to be ‘How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days’, from pick-up to being dumped, by being girlie, clingy and touch-feely. Matthew McConaughey plays Benjamin Barry, a hot ad-exec who bets his boss he can make a woman fall in love with him within ten days. His prize is a chance to pitch for the account for a line of women’s jewellery. Inevitably, the two meet…

The humour in this rom-com comes from neither knowing the other’s agenda, so he must tolerate her calling his penis Princess Sophia and replacing his CDs with Tori, Jewel, Carly and pretend to find it cute and funny while really counting down the minutes before he can flee. But of course, Cupid doesn’t take any notice of bets…

The conclusion is no surprise but the journey is fun. Hudson shows a light touch for comedy supported by McConaughey, who’s had more experience in such roles. Director Donald Petrie, who previously worked on similar films and TV series and went on to direct Miss Congeniality , adds a safe pair of hands to proceedings and the whole film is genuine frothy fun.

production details
USA | 116 minutes | 2003

Director: Donald Petrie
Writers: Kristen Buckley, Brian Regan, Burr Steers

Kate Hudson as Andie Anderson
Matthew McConaughey as Benjamin Barry
Kathryn Hahn as Michelle Rubin
Annie Parisse as Jeannie Ashcroft
Adam Goldberg as Tony
Thomas Lennon as Thayer
Michael Michele as Judy Spears
Shalom Harlow as Judy Green
Robert Klein as Phillip Warren
Bebe Neuwirth as Lana Jong
Samantha Quan as Lori
Justin Peroff as Mike
Celia Weston as Glenda
James Murtaugh as Jack
Rebecca Harris as Dora
Archie MacGregor as Uncle Arnold
John DiResta as Joey Sr.
Scott Benes as Joey Jr.
Zachary Benes as Joey Jr.
William Hill as DeLauer Security
Georgia Craig as Receptionist Candi
Andrew Moodie as Poker Pal Ronald