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Humoresque 1946 Joan Crawford and John Garfield Humoresque 1946 Joan Crawford and John Garfield





In Humoresque, with the encouragment of his mother, a poor but talented violinist (John Garfield) rises in the music world. But he also receives a more physical form of assistance from a wealthy, married patron of the arts with amorous intentions (Joan Crawford). Their involvement has tragic repercussions for both of them. High-class melodrama co-scripted by Clifford Odets.

Whilst the movie was being filmed, Joan Crawford won an Academy Award for her performance in Mildred Pierce (1945). In reaction, Warner Bros. altered the script for Humoresque to give Crawford a much more substantial role.

Academy Award Nominations: Best Score.

production details
USA / Warner / 125 minutes / 1946

Director: Jean Negulesco
Producer: Jerry Wald
Screenwriters: Zachary Gold, Clifford Odets
Original Story: Fannie Hurst
Director of Photography: Ernest Haller
Editor: Rudi Fehr
Composer: Franz Waxman

Joan Crawford as Helen Wright
John Garfield as Paul Boray
Oscar Levant as Sid Jeffers
J. Carrol Naish as Rudy Boray
Joan Chandler as Gina
Tom D’Andrea as Phil Boray
Peggy Knudsen as Florence
Ruth Nelson as Esther Boray
Craig Stevens as Monte Loeffler
Paul Cavanagh as Victor Wright
Richard Gaines as Bauer
John Abbott as Rozner
Robert Blake as Paul Boray as a Child
Tommy Cook as Phil Boray as a Child
Don McGuire as Eddie

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