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In Name Only (RKO 1939, Cary Grant, Charles Coburn)



A terrific pairing of Carole Lombard and Cary Grant are the highlight in absorbing domestic melodrama In Name Only. The run-of-the-mill situation of a soulful, wealthy Grant stuck with ice-cube-in-a-gown Francis and his attempts to free himself to pursue the simple pleasures with Lombard gets a big lift from the innate appeal of the leads.

In Name Only marks the credited debut of child actress Peggy Ann Garner (she was uncredited in two previous films). Garner is best known for her performance in 1945’s A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

production details
USA | RKO | 94 minutes | 1939

Director: John Cromwell
Script: Richard Sherman, Bessie Breuer,

Alan Baxter as Charley
Allen Wood as Joe – Bellhop
Byron Foulger as Owen – Clerk
Helen Vinson as Suzanne
Peggy Ann Garner as Ellen
Jonathan Hale as Dr. Gateson
Grady Sutton as Paul Graham – Escort (uncredited)
Sandra Morgan as Boat Passenger
Charles Coburn as Richard Walker
Sam Harris as Party Guest
John Laing as John – Chauffeur
Carole Lombard as Julie Eden
Cary Grant as Alec Walker
Kay Francis as Maida Walker
Katharine Alexander as Laura
Nella Walker as Mrs. Walker
Maurice Moscovitch as Dr. Muller
Spencer Charters as Gardener
James Adamson as Black Waiter on Train (uncredited)
Arthur Aylesworth as Farmer on Truck (uncredited)
Lloyd Ingraham as Hospital Elevator Operator (uncredited)
Frank Puglia as Manager – Tony’s Cafe (uncredited)
Jack Chapin as Bellhop #1
Charles Coleman as Archie Duross
John Dilson as Head Train Steward
Fern Emmett as Hotel Chambermaid
Edward Fliegle as Night Clerk
Gus Glassmire as Yawning Hospital Attendant
Gordon Douglas as Steward
Jesse Graves as Train Waiter
Harold Hoff as Bellhop Bringing Bottle
Mary MacLaren as Nurse at Desk
Harriet Matthews as Boat Passenger
Tony Merlo as Waiter at Tony’s
Harold Miller as Boat Passenger
Frank Mills as Bartender
Bert Moorhouse as College Man Asking About Game
Clive Morgan as Party Guest
George Rosener as Dr. Hastings at Hotel
Robert Strange as Hotel Manager / Amorous House Detective
Kathryn Wilson as Party Guest
Florence Wix as Party Guest